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Practice News

Child Car Seat Update

NEW Connecticut State Law Effective October 1, 2017 Infants must be in a rear-facing car seat until they are 2 years of age AND 30 pounds. Children 2 years of age (and 30 pounds) to 5 years of age (and … Continue reading

Welcome Katelin Dressel, L.P.C.

We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our team of PHA providers, Katelin Dressel, LPC.  Katelin is a Mental Health Specialist and will be seeing patients in our Trumbull office.  We can’t wait for you to meet her!

Behavioral and Developmental Care and Questionnaire

Over the last several years across the country, there has been a significant increase in concerns regarding behavioral and developmental challenges facing our children and their families.  The issues of anxiety, depression, family disruptions and substance abuse, as well as … Continue reading

Welcome Dominique Harper, P.A.

We’re excited to announce that Dominique Harper, P.A. has joined our medical staff and will be seeing patients in our Trumbull office.  You can learn more about Dominique by visiting her bio page here.

Classes & Events


Newborn child sleeping

Congratulations on your upcoming or new arrival! Find information about how to schedule a prenatal visit, discover if our practice is a good fit for you, and learn about what to expect when your little one arrives.

New Patients


Transferring to PHA? We are delighted to welcome you to the PHA family! Here  you will find record transfer forms, links to important details about our practice, and more.

Sick Visits

Sick Visits

Learn about all the various conditions we treat, how to schedule same-day sick appointments, and how to reach us when you just need some reassurance that everything will be alright.

Well Visits

Young girl having her height measured

Our first priority is keeping your child healthy! Children need regular check ups and in this section you can view the well visit timeline and learn about what to expect at each milestone visit.