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Baseline ImPACT Testing

We are excited to announce that your child can now take the Baseline test at home!

Along with our comprehensive concussion management program, we also offer online ImPACT baseline testing for our pediatric patients.  Pediatric Healthcare Associates and the CDC recommend that all student athletes age 11 and older take the ImPACT test every two years.

The test is used to establish a baseline for future use in helping to determine the best post-concussion treatment if your child should be injured in a sport or non-sporting event.

ImPACT is a 20 minute neurocognitive test that evaluates multiple aspects of brain function including verbal memory, visual memory, processing speed, reaction time and post-concussive symptoms.  ImPACT does not diagnose a concussion, but informs the provider if there is a change in the way your child’s brain functions after an injury.CIC Logo

The baseline test is not covered by insurance.


For PHA Patients:

  • $30.00 if you would like us to test your child in our Fairfield Center office, please call to schedule an appointment at 203-452-8322.
  • $20.00 if you would like to have your child test on your computer at home click here.

Team Testing & Non-PHA Patients: 

  •  $17.00 per person for online testing of groups of 15 or more players.  Please click here to take the test.