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Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

Some babies will not regulate their sleep cycle until 6 months of age, however starting healthy habits early will certainly help result in a sound sleeper.

The following tips may help:

  • Keep environment calm and quiet during all nighttime feedings (lights low, voices calm and soothing).  Keep playtime for daytime only!
  • When laying your baby in their sleep space be sure to have baby drowsy but awake.  This ensures the last thing baby sees will be same environment he/she will see when they wake up.
  • It is alright to allow a baby a few minutes to fuss when awaking at night – he/she may go back to sleep on their own if allowed to.  Investigate for other reasons for waking if fussiness extends in time.
  • Once your baby sleeps through the night, avoid nighttime feeds if baby starts waking again.  This can create a habit that can be very difficult to break.
  • Once your baby reaches toddler age, establishment of a bedtime routine (ie: bath, brush teeth, book, bed) is key to creating a healthy sleeper.
  • Your child should sleep alone in their space, not in a shared bed (parent, sibling, etc.).


Erin Flynn, A.P.R.N