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Breastfeeding 101

Please Note: As a precaution against the spread of the Coronavirus, we are suspending all classes until further notice.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please email the organizer at register@phagroup.com with any questions.

Lactation classes are taught by Certified Lactation Consults, Catherine Micinilio, APRN, IBCLC & Dominique Harper, PA.  This class is designed to provide parents with an understanding of the advantages and benefits of breastfeeding.  It teaches the basic mechanisms of breastfeeding pertaining to latch, milk supply and pumping. You will learn how to breastfeed:
  • frequency of feed
  • duration of feed
  • feeding dues
  • feeding log
  • weight gain
  • maintaining an adequate milk supply
This class will not answer every question.  You will learn to breastfeed, just as you learn to parent, a little at a time.  We are here for you each step of the way.


  • "Thank you so much for a great course last night.  Cathy was a great teacher and explained everything in a way we could understand.  She was very knowledgeable and knew lots beyond just prenatal breastfeeding.  All our questions were answered and I would highly recommend this class to other future moms."
  • "Me and my husband both thoroughly enjoyed the class!!!  She was amazing."
  • "I would absolutely recommend this class to others.  Catherine was very helpful and informative.  She gave real life experiences and also explained the literature provided in the class.  It definitely helped that she had a sense of humor.  I think this made the class more enjoyable and helped eased us about the idea of breastfeeding.  Trying not to be stressed and relax more was something she empathized.  It was nice to hear her speak so positively, especially when you are pregnant and you feel like everyone who has reared a child knows everything and wants to tell you how to do it the right way.  I feel like Catherine explained the class in a great way.  Not too much pressure to breastfeed or bottle feed...whichever works best for you and the baby.  She really helped me feel more relaxed and able to understand more about breastfeeding."
  • "Catherine was very knowledgeable.  She was confident in her knowledge with breastfeeding and gave great advice as well."


Class is FREE of charge

Future Class Dates:

This class is offered EVERY month, however we do alternate hosting the class between our Stratford office and Fairfield Center Office to make it convenient for as many first time parents as possible.
  • May 5th in our Fairfield office from 6:30pm to 7:30pm


If interested in attending, please send an email to register@phagroup.com including answers to the following questions:

  1. What class date are you interested in attending?
  2. Your first and last name
  3. How did you learn about the class?
  4. When is your due date?
  5. Who is your OB/GYN?
  6. Is this your first child?
  7. What town do you live in?
  8. Will anyone be joining you for the class?

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