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Hygiene for Pre-Teen/Teens

Q: When should my child start using deodorant?

A: Some parents notice that their children develop body odor in the pre-teen years.  It is safe to use a natural deodorant in your pre-teen or teen aged child.

Q: How often should my pre-teen/teenager bathe?

A: Daily.  During these years, you may notice some body odor, skin and hair changes.  Daily bathing helps to manage these body changes.

Q: My pre-teen/teenager has asked about shaving.  When is the right age to start shaving?

A: That is a personal decision but teaching your child the safe way to shave is important.  Teaching your child to use a new, clean razor is important in prevent injuries and infections.

Q: My daughter got her period last month.  Can she use tampons?

A: Yes.  Many companies make a “teen” tampon.  It is sanitary and safe for young teens to use tampons if desired.  It is not suggested they be worn overnight.  They should be changed at least every 4-6 hours.


Jillian Grant, APRN