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9 Month Well Care



  • You will be asked to complete a developmental and behavioral screening called the PEDS Test (Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status).

Growth & Development

  • Your baby now plays peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake and waves bye-bye.
  • Your baby makes repetitive consonant sounds (mama and dada) usually without the recognition of the parents.
  • Your baby creeps and crawls, pulls into a standing position and can sit alone without support.
  • Your baby may be shy with strangers.
  • Keep daily routines for your baby including scheduled times for feeding, napping and playing.


  • Continue to offer a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Table foods may now also be given to your baby.
  • Be patient with your baby as he/she learns to eat without help.  Being messy is normal!


  • Goals for the first year should be getting rid of the bottle and teaching your baby to feed himself/herself.
  • Remember that children should not be put to sleep with a bottle, or use the bottle as a pacifier, as the upper front teeth can become severely decayed.
  • The best shoe for a child is one that fits the foot and gives the most freedom possible at the lowest cost.  Shoes should be flexible, flat, and well ventilated.  Tennis shoes are excellent for this purpose.
  • Walking barefoot will not harm the baby.


Next Visit: 1 year checkup