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15 Month Checkup



  • You will be asked to complete a developmental and behavioral screening called the PEDS Test (Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status).

Growth & Development

  • Infants can walk alone, crawl upstairs, stoop and recover.
  • Your child uses jargon and says up to six words.
  • Your child imitates household tasks of the mother.
  • Your child can drink from a cup without help.


  • Continue healthy meals including protein.
  • Give your child choices for nutritious snacks. Fresh fruit and yogurt are best. Most children need only a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack at most. Avoid grazing. Your child should only eat while sitting in a high chair or special seat at the table.


  • Reading is fundamental and fun.  Young children and even babies enjoy books.  By sharing books with your child you can help teach your child to talk and help prepare your youngster to listen and learn at school.  Book sharing is a time when you can be creative, expressive and interactive with your child.  Sharing books with your child can be an important part of a regular bedtime.
  • Limit the need to say “No!” by making your home and yard safe for play.
  • Praise your child for behaving well.
  • Set limits and use discipline to teach and protect your child.

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