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3 Year Checkup

What to expect at your visit:

  • Your provider will measure your child’s weight and height to make sure he or she is developing at a healthy pace.
  • Your child’s blood pressure, heart rate and breathing will be checked.
  • Your child’s vision and hearing will be tested.
  • We will give your child the recommended immunizations.
  • If your child has any risk factors, your provider may test for tuberculosis, anemia, or lead poisoning.
  • Your provider will discuss any new health and safety concerns with you and your child.
  • Your provider can answer any questions you may have about toilet training, nutrition, behavior and feelings.
  • Talk about any changes in your child’s routine, or a change in the family routine at home, such as a parent’s work schedule or an older sibling heading off to school.
  • We’ll talk to your child about which activities he or she enjoys. This is important in terms of both putting your child at ease, as well as assessing hearing and language skills.
  • We’ll discuss your child’s growth, temperament, and behavior, offering support and tips for promoting healthy development.

Growth & Development

Every child develops at his or her own pace. Your three year old will likely be opening doors, climbing stairs with alternating feet, and showing an interest in new experiences. By age three most children speak in language that is mostly understood by others and can say their own name, age and gender. Your child can understand and express feelings such as “cold”, “sleepy, or “hungry”. You can expect your three year old to put on some shoes and clothing on their own and to use a spoon and fork independently.


Always encourage good behavior and patiently explain the consequences of unacceptable behavior. Stop negative behaviors such as biting or hitting right away! Set limits and be consistent with rules, while trying to say “no” sparingly. Allow your child to make some decisions for themselves to encourage independence.

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