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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Medicaid Husky B, also known as Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a national program which as been around for many years has been routinely funded by the Congress.  However, this year, because of all the current political issues in Washington, for the first time ever, the program has yet to be funded by the September 30, 2017, deadline.  While there is still time for Congress to fund this program, the current contract will run out by December 31, 2017.

Although we are hopeful that the Congress will do its duty and fund the program before the year is out, it is important that those of you who rely on Husky B, understand that you may not have health insurance for your children starting January 1, 2018.  If you have a secondary insurance, you may be partially covered.

In light of this we are encouraging you, who are insured under Medicaid Husky B (CHIP), to make sure your children are up to date for their checkups and well-care before December 31, 2017, as you will still be covered.  Also, if there are medications that your children require, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can get refills out to you before the end of the year.

We are hopeful this upsetting situation will be resolved before the end of the year, but we feel it is important that you be aware of the possible loss of your children’s insurance coverage.  As we get more information from the state over the next couple of weeks, we will let you know.

As always, your children’s care and health is our number one priority.

This change does not apply to those covered under Medicaid Part A also known as Husky A; coverage under Medicaid Part A also known as Husky A will remain intact.


Your health team at PHA