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Message from our President & CEO


We have made many changes this week to ensure the safety of our precious pediatric community.  In an effort to avoid having to come into our office, we are using Telehealth for all sick visits and we are happy to report that it is up and running, allowing your children to be “seen” at home.  Telehealth is a new frontier, but all of our clinicians have jumped in and, I am happy to report that overall, it has gone very smoothly.  We have loved talking with you and seeing the kids snuggled in your arms or comfy on their couches and have appreciated your patience with us as we try to streamline the technical aspects of this service.

We are happy to say that children can be ‘seen’ via Telehealth to assess illness, conduct medicine rechecks, developmental assessments, discuss behavioral or dietary concerns or mental health concerns to discuss your questions and concerns in these extraordinary times.

As this unprecedented weeks draws to a close, we appreciate your cooperation, flexibility and adaptability as we have made changes to the way we deliver your pediatric care.  We want to thank you for your kind words as we work to provide the finest medical care for your children.

Give us the opportunity to continue to serve you, please call us to schedule your next appointment 203-452-8322.

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Andrea Hagani, MD, President & CEO of Pediatric Healthcare Associates on behalf of all of us at PHA