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Tips for Flu Season

The CDC issued a health advisory due to the significant increase in influenza activity over recent weeks in the U.S., with influenza A(H3N2) viruses predominating so far this season.  High-risk patients with flu should be treated with antivirals.  If you suspect your child might have the flu, please call the office for an appointment if they are less than 2 years of age or have asthma or other medical diagnoses.

In winter, hypothermia, or low body temperature, is a risk in infants and children especially.  If the temperature is <32 degrees, please make sure your child is bundled up if they need to go outside, and restrict playing outside to short intervals before they come inside to warm up.

As always, frequent hand washing is essential to prevent the spread of all illness.  Please be especially mindful of this in winter.

It is recommended that all children participating in skiing, ice skating, or sledding, wear helmets for head protection.