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Amanda Rodriguez-Murphy, MD

We see parenting as a sacred responsibility. Parents are nothing less than protectors, nourishers, comforters, teachers, guides, companions, models, and sources of unconditional love and acceptance. If we are able to keep this sense of parenting as a sacred responsibility in mind, and we bring a degree of mindfulness to the process as it unfolds moment to moment, our choices as parents are much more likely to come out of an awareness of what this moment, this child – at this stage of his or her life – is asking from us right now, through this very being and his behavior. In rising to this challenge we may not only come to do what is best for our children we may also uncover and come to know, perhaps for the first time, what is deepest and best in ourselves.

– Jon and Myla Kabatt-Zinn, an excerpt from Everday Blessing: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting

Education & Post Doctoral Training

Georgetown University, BS Biology, Washington, DC, 1990
Cornell University Medical College, MD, New York, New York, 1994
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Residency, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1997
The Boston Institute for Early Child Development, Boston Medical Center, Mini-Fellowship in Child Development for Primary Care Pediatricians, 2000

Professional Memberships

American Academy of Pediatrics
Fairfield County Medical Association
Connecticut State Medical Society

Currently on staff at

Bridgeport Hospital
St. Vincent’s Medical Center

Practicing in this Community since