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Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a process whereby we work with you to link your child and family to services and resources in a coordinated manner in order to maximize the potential of children and provide them with optimal health care.

This process includes your care team (our providers) assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating options and services to meet your child and family’s individual needs.Care coordination is a pivotal component of the ‘medical home‘. Building a sense of collaboration and trust between you and your medical home, and responding to your needs in a timely and coordinated manner is what we do here at PHA.

Care coordination means that we:

  • Facilitate access to services that your child or family may need
  • Promote continuity of care through the assignment of a PCP
  • Support families and children’s health by linking to community resources
  • Improve health, developmental, educational, vocational, psychosocial and functional outcomes and
  • Maximize efficient and effective use of resources, such as specialists, testing and other facilities