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Self Care

After your child has been diagnosed with a condition, it is important to stay involved in your child’s care. We have compiled some tools to help you to better manage your child’s condition between office visits. As part of your child’s care plan, you may have been directed to this area of our site in order to access certain tools specifically.

Below are tabs to resources where you will find valuable information for helping to self-manage your child’s condition, and files that you can print out and use at home.


Medication Log

It is often helpful to track how your child is responding to ADHD medication. Please use this log daily as this information can be extremely useful for helping us to manage your child’s medication appropriately, especially if your child has just started taking medication, or if there has been a change in his or her current medication regimen.

Self-care plan: Daily Routines and Rhythms: A how-to guide for helping your child manage this condition successfully by setting up daily routines to live by.


Resources: External Links for ADHD management and support

CHADD.Org >>