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Pediatric Healthcare Associates is proud to continue its 50 year tradition of providing high quality, evidence based pediatric medical care to patients in Fairfield county, CT.

Child occupationsCentral to PHA’s philosophy is fostering improvement in the well being of our patients, their families, our staff and ourselves. Through open communication, compassion and collaboration we strive to fulfill our goals by remaining progressive in our commitment to our practice, and advocating for each child, family and the community at large.

To us, this means providing a range a services to meet your families needs. We welcome new patients, whether newborn or transferring in from another practice or region, and invite you to set up an appointment to stop in and meet the team.

We cover all the basics for your children’s well care needs and pride ourselves on effectively managing general pediatric sickness during regular office hours, evenings, weekends and holidays too; as well as offering comprehensive specialty services. Because we believe in a comprehensive approach to care, many of our providers have experience in both general pediatrics and pediatric specialties. We invite you to browse through our specialty links in the navigation above and you can also look up our providers by specialty and location.

In addition, we actively support nursing families and believe that well-informed care givers are central to raising healthy, happy families. Please check out our free classes.

Call anytime for more information, healthcare advice or to book an appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon!