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Pre-Concussion Screening aka Baseline ImPACT Testing

What is Pre-Concussion Screening (Baseline ImPACT Test) & why is it important?

  • The test is to establish a baseline for future use in helping to determine the best post-concussion treatment if your child should be injured in a sporting or non-sporting event.
  • ImPACT does not diagnose a concussion, but informs the provider if there is a change in the way your child’s brain functions after an injury.
  • Baseline scores are valid for two years and must be repeated if two years have lapsed.

What is ImPACT testing?

  • ImPACT testing is a computerized brain measurement tool for children and teens who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (concussion).
  • Through a series of computerized tests, completed in our office, ImPACT identifies subtle changes in brain function, evaluates post-injury condition, and tracks recovery.
  • By comparing baseline (pre-injury) and post-injury test results, ImPACT can help track recovery following a concussion.

How does ImPACT work?

  • An ImPACT is a 25 minute computerized assessment test that evaluates multiple aspects of brain functions including verbal memory, visual memory, processing speed, reaction time and post-concussive symptoms.
  • By comparing baseline (pre-injury) and post-injury test results, it helps determine when brain function has returned to normal and if it is safe to return to sports and school activities.

Who can take the ImPACT test?

  • PHA and the CDC recommend that all student athletes age 11 and older (for example: football players, soccer players, hockey players, baseball players, rugby players, cheerleaders, softball players, skateboarders, gymnasts, lacrosse players, cyclists and skiers) take the test.

How can my child get tested?

  • Call PHA (203) 452-8322 for an appointment.
  • The Baseline ImPACT test costs $25.00.  The test is not covered by insurance and payment is due at time of service.