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Travel Clinic

About Our Travel Clinic

Traveling-childrenOur Travel Clinic is the only local travel preparatory clinic designed specifically with pediatric patients in mind.  We are also an official Yellow Fever vaccination site licensed by the State of Connecticut and recognized by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

When you schedule a travel consultation, we will consider where you are traveling, the duration of your trip, and the potential infectious exposures you may encounter on your journey.  You will be advised as to what vaccinations are required and/or recommended based on your itinerary as well as what medications are suggested for prevention or treatment of various conditions such as malaria or traveler’s diarrhea.  You will be counseled regarding eating precautions and insect precautions.  You will also be given a detailed handout based on your given itinerary outlining the countries you will be visiting.  If you require Yellow Fever vaccination, you will also be given an official World Health Organization yellow card documenting your vaccination.

The PHA Travel Clinic is provided as a service to our patients, and is not covered by insurance in the same way the well-child exams or acute sick visits would be.

Vaccination fees:

  • $125.00 per Typhoid Vaccine
  • $150.00 per Yellow Fever Vaccine
  • $30.00 Administration Fee per vaccine

Should you have any questions regarding fees or payments, please call our billing department
at (203) 452-8329. 

General questions regarding the PHA Travel Clinic may be directed to (203) 452-8322.