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Concussion Management

What to do if you suspect your child may have a concussion?

  1. If a concussion is suspected, we ask that you call your primary doctor for an evaluation.
  2. Your doctor will then refer you to our office for further evaluation.
  3. Please call us at (203) 452-8322 for further instructions and to book an appointment with one of our specialists.
  4. Ideally we would like to see your child within 3-4 days from the injury.

What will happen during your child’s first visit?

kid-helmetDuring this initial visit, your child will have a full concussion assessment by a concussion specialist, which will include a history of the  injury, an evaluation of symptoms, a neurological and vestibular exam, and an evaluation of predictors for protracted recovery. A post-injury ImPACT test may be performed at this time to assess if there are any changes in the way your child’s brain functions after the injury.  With all the information gathered in the exam, our specialists will develop an individual care plan for your child.

Why do we offer counseling for children, teens and families?

Concussions not only affect the person who has the injury but other members of the household as well. An injury to a child or family member creates stress for everyone in the household. The patient is often dealing with trying to recover from the injury while not falling too behind at school, work or missing too many games. A parent must deal with the worry and concern regarding their child’s health along with the pressure associated with potential loss of work and changes to their daily schedules. It is a stressful time for all members involved. On occasion emotional/behavioral symptoms such as anxiety or depression may occur post injury and some individuals may have anxiety or depression prior to the injury. Identifying these symptoms is important in facilitating the individuals healing from concussion, as these symptoms may disguise or exacerbate a concussion. The use of counseling has shown to be effective in decreasing associated emotional/behavioral symptoms associated with concussion. Our trained professionals are experienced in the effect a concussion can have on a child and their family. Effective use of counseling can assist both the patient and the family in the recovery process. Counseling, specifically cognitive behavioral counseling, may be recommended if your child is suffering with post concussive syndrome.

What is the ImPACT Test?

ImPACT does not diagnose a concussion but informs the medical practitioner if there is a change in you or your child’s brain function after an injury. ImPACT is a tool used to assist in concussion management. Post injury ImPACT testing is covered under insurance. It is very helpful to have a BASELINE test on file in order to compare to the post-injury test.

Baseline ImPACT testing in our office

CIC LogoImPACT is a 25 minute neurocognitive test that evaluates multiple aspects of brain function including verbal memory, visual memory, processing speed, reaction time and post-concussive symptoms. It should be repeated every two years in children ages 11 -18 due to rapid brain development. The baseline test is not covered by insurance.


$25.00 if you would like us to test your child in our Shelton and Fairfield Center offices.  Please call (203) 452-8322 to schedule an appointment.


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