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Prenatal and Newborns

Prenatal Care

At PHA your child’s healthcare starts before birth. Pick the location and practitioner of your choice and contact us to set up a welcome tour. We’ll introduce you to the team, discuss your family and prenatal history, and send you home with all the information you need to get ready for baby’s first visit.

We offer a FREE class called Ready, Set, BABY for first time expecting parents to learn the fundamentals of of newborn care.  This class is currently being offered via Zoom during the pandemic.

Newborn CareNewborn child sleeping

Our Newborn Care Coordinator will visit you and your newborn in the hospital. Our Care Coordinator will help set up your insurance and schedule the first appointment for you and your newborn with PHA. We’ll make sure you know what to expect on that first visit, tell you about our free Mommy, Daddy & Me Networking Group, and send you and baby home from hospital with a gift bag of goodies to help you get settled in at home.