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Practice News

8/10/20 Open for Regular Hours

Power and connectivity has been restored to all of our offices. Patients can report tomorrow, Monday August 10th for scheduled appointments. We thank you again for all your patience and understanding during these unforeseen events.

September Appointments

At this time, we would be routinely scheduling appointments, including checkups for September.  However due to the current power outages and the consequent access issues we are encountering, we would ask that you hold off calling for these appointments until … Continue reading

UPDATE: Thursday, August 6th

Unfortunately, our offices remain closed today due to ongoing power outages and access issues. ONLY patients with a scheduled appointment in our Fairfield office should come in for your visit at our Fairfield location. Patients with scheduled appointments in our … Continue reading

Flu Vaccine 2020

We have had many inquiries about flu vaccine for this upcoming flu season.  We usually start to get our supplies in at the end of August and early September.  Once our supplies have begun to arrive, we will send out … Continue reading

Classes & Events


Newborn child sleeping

Congratulations on your upcoming or new arrival! Find information about how to schedule a prenatal visit, discover if our practice is a good fit for you, and learn about what to expect when your little one arrives.

New Patients


Transferring to PHA? We are delighted to welcome you to the PHA family! Here  you will find record transfer forms, links to important details about our practice, and more.

Sick Visits

Sick Visits

Learn about all the various conditions we treat, how to schedule same-day sick appointments, and how to reach us when you just need some reassurance that everything will be alright.

Well Visits

Young girl having her height measured

Our first priority is keeping your child healthy! Children need regular check ups and in this section you can view the well visit timeline and learn about what to expect at each milestone visit.

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